Eaton Partners Private Markets Monitor - Q1 2017

Eaton Partners Mar 23, 2017
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Big Opportunity, Big Uncertainties

Private capital investors have the unique opportunity to invest in attractive sectors of the global economy not accessible via public markets. This issue of Private Market Monitor highlights several of those opportunities.

As you’ll learn in this edition, smaller private equity funds tend to outperform the giant funds. It’s a prime example of an opportunity to place capital with small, fast-growing companies before they reach a size where an IPO might make sense.

Our interviews with experts involved in energy infrastructure and U.K. property investing showcase two markets where historic dislocation has taken place, and where the need for fresh capital should benefit private investors.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the views of three of our Eaton colleagues, who detail key trends in three major segments where private capital plays abound: credit, Europe, and Asia.

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